Abby since today is the last day on the detox forum I wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciate you and your program. This has been an amazing three weeks. I'm still in transition so I plan to continue with the transition next week. After the transition I plan to continue on eating as I have been during the detox. I don't want to lose this amazing feeling I have. I honestly feel amazing. It feels so good to be off Diet Coke. I haven't been counting every calorie that goes into my mouth and sticking to a set number for the day. I've had no evening binges. Sugar and refined carbs do a number on me and it feels great to be free of their power. I'm so satisfied with the food. I'm not always thinking about my next meal after I just finished eating. My clothes fit better. Haven't stepped on the scale because honestly I don't care what it says. I've allowed that number too much control over my thinking. You have been such a wonderful support through this process. I really appreciate what a giving spirit you are. - Leslie Jackson Hiscocks, Des Moines, IA