TOP 10 REASONS I ️ BLISS DETOX and can't wait to do it again....

1. I broke up with coffee (my BAE!) and I don't even miss it!! I so ️my new morning routine of elixir - walk dog - workout - protein shake that I'm rocking and rolling before I realize I haven't even missed my coffee!! 

2. I DONT CRAVE SUGAR!!  My new after dinner treats are fresh fruit, kombucha, or hot tea. For someone nearly 10 years sober whose addiction shifted from booze to sugar, this is HUGE!!

3.  I am sleeping amazingly deep, well, and waking up rested - without an alarm (whaaaaat!?! I thought that part of my life was over!!)

4. I'm off dairy. My stomach thanks me... except... 

5. I've replaced mayo/sour cream with Greek yogurt - great on tacos, a base for tuna salad, dressings

6. Limited Gluten. I've replaced daily doses of bread with salads, brown rice, quinoa, rice cakes, lettuce leaves, sweet potatoes, avocados... 

7. Very limited processed foods. - and my family hasn't missed them

8. I'm eating way less and more mindful when I do eat

9. Taking daily supplements - Vit D, Fish Oil, Rhodiola, Probiotic

10. Making better choices when I dine out. No more desperation eating! Waiting to make a better choice.

THANK YOU Abby Bliss White!!!

- Alyssa Gasca. Portland OR